Welcome to RAV - a different kind of amber museum

At RAV - the new amber museum on the Danish West Coast - you can experience amber in a way you never have before.

In the exhibition there is lots to learn about the interesting material's history and origin. People have been fascinated by amber, found ways to use it and researched the special material for thousands of years.

You will never leave without amber in hand

Go treasure hunting in a house full of amber and fun facts about the Gold of the North. The exhibition is in its essens one big amber beach - filled with little golden treasures. The amber, that you find, you can of course keep. So we easily dare to guarantee, that you will not leave with amber in your hand.

Visit RAV - an experience for the entire family

You will find RAV at Houvig Klitvej 51 - postcode 6950 Ringkøbing. Houvig is located just north of Søndervig, right on the coastline.

Opening hours 2023

Opening hours in the amber museum RAV

27.03 - 27.10.2023:

Mondays - 10 AM to 4 PM

Tuesdays - 10 AM to 4 PM

Wednesdays - 10 AM to 4 PM

Thursdays - 10 AM to 4 PM

Fridays - 10 AM to 4 PM

Saturdays - Closed

Sundays - 10 AM to 4 PM

Entrance prices & tickets

Entrance prices

DKK 79,- for adults
DKK 69,- for children 3-12 years
Free entrance for children 0-2 years

Entrance tickets can not yet be purchased online, but can only be purchased on site.

Find amber at the indoor beach

There is always a guarantee for amber at our indoor beach

Here the whole family, regardless of age, can join in. The floor of the exhibition is covered in 25 tons of sand and it is filled with little golden pieces of amber everywhere.

Do as the amber hunters

The "professional" amber hunters do not just hunt for the golden pieces on land with a flashlight and a sharp eye. Wearing waders and equipped with special nets, they hunt out in the insidious waves of the North Sea. In our wave pool you can try fo "fish" for amber with mini nets in safe surroundings.

Why does amber light up?

In the "UV-bunker" you can go on a different amber hunt with a UV-light. The ultra violet rays light up the amber as if it were stars on a clear night sky.

The amber, that you find, is of course yours to keep.

The origin and history of amber

What is amber?

Get the whole story about the origin and history of amber. Where does the Danish amber come from and is it even Danish? You are guaranteed to leave RAV with new, exciting knowledge about amber.

The past caught in amber

Can we find DNA from a dinosaur in amber? The answer is in the exhibition, where you can find more interesting questions and answers about amber.

Contests - can you guess the weight?

Can you guess the weight of the amber?

Every month we put up a new piece of amber for you to win. If you can guess the weight, it could be you, who is next month's lucky winner.

Weight is a good way to identify amber. It is an incredibly light material.

In the exhibition there are multiple fun contests and quizzes. You can compete with your family about, who has the largest knowledge about amber.

The amber workshop

Make your own amber souvenir to commemorate your visit

Do you want to make a beautiful amber jewelry, an amber tree of luck, or something completely different and imaginative? You can do so at the amber workshop every day of the week.

The amber shop

A large selection of amber products

End your visit with a stop in the amber shop, where you, among other things, can buy all kinds of products made of or with amber.

The shop has a large selection of amber jewellery in different price categories. You can also buy lucky trees with amber, amber shampoo, amber cremes and beauty products.

At the shop you will also find equipment, that a real amber hunter uses, like nets and waders.

Amber safari - guided outdoor tour

Join the amber hunter on safari

Weekly, all year round, you can go on a guided amber safari at the North Sea beach. Our experienced guide will teach you where, when and how you have the best chances to find amber at the Danish, west-jutlandic beaches.

You will find and can buy tickets for the next tour in our tour calendar.

Find us here

Find us here

Houvig Klitvej 51, 6950 Ringkøbing

RAV is located in a beautiful dune area, 600 meters from the North Sea and only 2 kilometres from Søndervig. The building formerly housed Houvig's grocery store.

There is parking right by the building.


Wheelchairs & accessibility

Sand under the soles of the shoes is unavoidable when you visit RAV. We have covered our floors with 25 tons of sand. We did this because the attraction is just this a large sandy beach - filled with amber.

Although in large parts of the exhibition there are wooden beams to move around on, there are several parts of the exhibition that are not easily accessible in a wheelchair.