All year round we offer customised experiences for groups

Natural experiences for groups and families

Are you a group on tour or do you just not want to share the boat with other passengers? Not a problem! We arranges private tours of all kinds.

All you need to do, is contact us with your wishes - we'll take care of the rest.

Write to or call number +45 9783 2808.

We can arrange
everything from company outing and family experiences to school outings and children's birthday parties. Read more below and get inspiration for your next adventure.

Tours by boat

Seal safari, tours of the port, or any other adventure you would like out on the water - no mather, what you want to experience, we can most likely arrange it.

Departure from

We have a total of six boats, all with the capacity of bringing nine passengers out on the water.

Four of those boats docks in Thyborøn and usually sail from either Thyborøn or Agger.

Thyborøn, Tour of the harbour and town

Come along on a guided tour of a very special, little town

Thyborøn is an interesting place where everyday life, tourism and a busy fishing industry lives and works together in unison. The town has a very interesting history and spirit of never giving up and "let's just do it ourselves".

Tours by tractor bus

We have two tractor busses in our "fleet" - one which is permanently housed in Thyborøn, and one which during the summers is operating in Husby Plantation.

The one in Thyborøn - can have 43 passengers.

The one in Husby - can have 37 passengers.

Book a nature guide

Info coming soon.

In the meantime - contact us for more info!

Guided tour of the aquarium

Info coming soon.

In the meantime - contact us for more info!

School trips s & teaching

Info coming soon.

In the meantime - contact us for more info!

Foodies - a sea of seafood

Do you want a gastronomic experience beyond the ordinary? Let us a arrange af Seafood Safari, that you are likely to never forget!

The experience can contain:

  • Come out with the safari boat on the Limfjord to see what we have caught in our crab and lobster creels
  • In waders we will go and pick fresh oysters, clams and other delicacies
  • With a shrimp net we can catch the little, delicious fjord-shrimp (baltic)
  • Taste the freshest, newly-landed fish from Thyborøn Fish Auction

Of course we must also prepare the delicacies! Depending on the season and weather, we have different options when it comes to the cooking. To cook the day's catch on a charcoal barbeque on the shoreline of the beach is ideal, but a cosy time in Jyllandsakvariet by night, when you have the place all to yourself, is also something very special.

We can also arrange a tour of both the fish auction center and a trawler as part of the experience - the options are plenty!

Did you not find what you were looking for?

Do not let yourself be limited by the suggestions we have presented here. We have a very large back catalogue of different tour suggestions and themes, but it is impossible to list them all here.

In dialogue with you, based on the season, age group, interest and more, we can come up with suggestions for a tailor-made event for you.

All inquiries and offers are non-binding, so don't hesitate to contact us today!