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Next exhibition

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The hidden and forgotten

The legend of "Atlantis"

Our current exhibition has been nicknamed "Atlantis". Atlantis is the legendary land on the ocean floor, which the philosopher Plato was the first to talk about.

Since him, many have been thinking about the lost land that no one knows what it looks like. The fact that no one knows what it looks like is the link to our current exhibition. It was barely finished, finally ready to be shown, and then cultural attractions along with most of the rest of Denmark were shut down once again.

Enchanting Christmas

'The bottom of the sea' is not to be found in the exhibition, but a legendary land it may be. A Christmas landscape that (almost) no one sees, it is definitely. Filled with snow queens, King Winter and his throne, where the solstice and ice crystals battle to capture the interest of the eye.

We hope to be able to show the exhibition when Denmark opens up again.

Next exhibition in May

You can look forward to our next exhibition already in May. It is titled "The Whales of the World", and we look forward to telling you much more about it...

All exhibitions

Read more about all of iskunsten's exhibitions through time:

July 2020
"Maritime Magic"

11 Danish artists gave us their take on, what the maritime DNA of Thyborøn is. The exhibiting artists were:

Søren Cip Nielsen
Dagmar Grau Møller
Alberte Grau Møller
Freja Niemann Lundrup
Ole Videbæk
Henrik Voldmester
Henrik "Woodpek" Sigensgaard
Søren Lyngbye
Søren Brynjolf
Anne Marie Nielsen
Anker Hansen

November 2020
"A Fairytale Christmas"

Our first exhibition during the winter months were supposed to something very special. We invited 6 skilled artists and our wonderful "house artist, Anne Marie Nielsen to build an exhibition. The result was breathtakingly beautiful.
However the most special thing about this exhibition is how few people have actually seen it before the second corona lockdown happened in December.

The exhibiting artists are:

Søren Cip Nielsen
Dagmar Grau Møller
Søren Lyngbye
Søren Brynjolf
Morten Grau Møller
Allan Bo Nielsen
Anne Marie Nielsen

The very first exhibition

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