Grab the crab before it grabs you! Do you dare pat a shark on its head, stroke a ray down its spine, or hold a crab in your hand?

In our touch pools you meet the animals up close, and you can even lend a hand on certain days when we feed the sharks, rays, and flatfish.

Feeding the fish - lend a hand!

Join in!

You have the opportunity to join in when we feed the fish in our touch pools. Our fishmaster finds the feed which is going to be used, and you can help giving it to sharks, rays, and flatfish in selected aquariums.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday all year round.
Find the starting times in our tour calendar.

Touch pools

Do you dare pat a shark on its head, hold a crab in your hand, and stroke or scratch a lobster’s back?

In JyllandsAkvariet we have many touch pools that give you the possibility to get in touch with the animals, but at the same time the pools are so wide or deep that the animals can withdraw from contact with humans, if they need to. We respect that all our employees may need a break – even the sharks.

Amber beach - find your own amber

Can you recognize it?

Can you recognize amber when you see it? Or have you just bitten in way too many yellow stones without ever finding a piece of amber?

Find-your-own free amber at our indoor beach

Amber has always fascinated people. At the indoor beach at JyllandsAkvariet there is always a guarantee that you can find your own amber – all included in the entry fee to the aquarium. You can immediately test if it is amber or yellow stones in our amber tester.

Beach workshop

Make your own souvenirs

Use your imagination and make your very own souvenirs from the West coast. We have collected a number of shells and other things from the beach, which can be glued together to everything from fabulous monsters to pretty figurines.

Buy figures, signs, and jewellery boxes - and decorate them

At the beach workshop there's possibility for lots of creative activities for both children and adults.

Amber workshops

Create your own unique amber jewellery

In our creative workshop you can use your creative abilities. Every Tuesday our staff is ready to help you make your very own piece of amber jewellery.

You can make bracelets, necklaces or even a pair of earrings. We have different materials for you to choose from.

If you have found your own piece of amber on the beach, you can even bring it along, drill a hole in it, and use it to create your jewellery.

Find the next workshop in our tour calendar.

Dog playground

Our own special agility course

Dogs are very welcome at the aquarium, and we've made a maritime playground - just for them. It is our own unique version of an agility course with eight different obstacles.

The obstacles are built from whale’s bones, stepping stones, planks from the old pier in Thyborøn, a fishing trap, buoys, an old anchor, and finally the finish is on top of an overturned dinghy.


We hope that our four legged guests will like the agility course, our style, an we hope that their two legged owners think it is just as much fun to get the dogs to run the course – no matter whether they are trained agility course users or complete beginners. We recommend using plenty of treats.


If you're going on one of our seal safaris or nature safaris, you're welcome to have your dog looked after at our dog-lounge (Thyborøn). It's necessary, though, that the dog is used to being alone, and that you pick it up immediately after the tour is finished. It is necessary to reserve - call the aquarium at +45 97 83 28 08.

Go treasure hunting

Explore the aquarium on a treasure hunt

Children can now explore the aquarium in a different way - with a treasure map in hand. Get your treasure map in our reception - there is now one available for younger children and one for those a little older, looking for a more challenging quest.

When you have found all posts and correctly answered all the questions, you can hand your treasure map back in at the reception. Every month we draw a winner among all the participants. There is new, exciting prizes on the line every month.

Maritime details

Cozy atmosphere and maritime details

In every nook and cranny of the aquarium's exhibition, there are maritime details of all sizes. A great many of the artefacts we have, we have received from the local community. From previous cutters, we have signs, lifebuoys, lights and ropes. All together, it tells a story and brings the maritime environment from Thyborøn into the exhibition.

If you are interested in maritime history, the Jutland Aquarium is full of interesting things for the eye to look at.