Welcome to Iskunsten,
the only year-round exhibition of ice sculptures in Europe

Experience a unique exhibition of fantastic ice sculptures brought to life in the play created between the crystal clear ice and light.

Ice is alive. Ice moves. Ice changes.

Iskunsten is a permanent place of exhibition - some would call it a museum - however the art in here is anything but permanent. Even though we perceive ice as being in a solid, frozen state, it is actually not the case. Ice is alive. The ice is constantly working and evolving. The same sculpture can have a completely different look after a month.

"Do you want to be remembered as an artist, don't make ice art", was said by one of the artist on a working visit at iskunsten. An ice sculpture in Iskunsten has a life span of between four to six months, depending on size and shape. Therefor we attempt to change our exhibitions and sculptures every four months. You can keep updated on future exhibitions on this page.

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You will find Iskunsten here:

Jernbanegade 1A, 7680 Thyborøn

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The only year-round exhibition in Europe

Ice art for everyone

As the only one of its kind, iskunsten in Thyborøn is open all year round. Unlike other exhibitions with ice sculptures, Iskunsten is not dependent on the right weather conditions.

From industry to artistry

In a old cold storage facility you can experience a unique exhibition of amazing ice sculptures. Iskunsten is permanent, but the sculptures and exhibition themes are changed continuously to ensure that there is always something to experience in Iskunsten.

The story of the freeze house

Experience the maritime history of Thyborøn

A maritime, authentic industrial building is the frame of the exhibition. Learn the history of the building, the ice industry, and the connection to the fishing industry in an interesting story build from pictures and video.

Current exhibition

The legend of "Atlantis"

Our current exhibition has been nicknamed "Atlantis". Atlantis is the legendary land on the ocean floor, which the philosopher Plato was the first to talk about.

Since him, many have been thinking about the lost land that no one knows what it looks like. The fact that no one knows what it looks like is the link to our current exhibition. It was barely finished, finally ready to be shown, and then cultural attractions along with most of the rest of Denmark were shut down once again.

Enchanting Christmas

'The bottom of the sea' is not to be found in the exhibition, but a legendary land it may be. A Christmas landscape that (almost) no one sees, it is definitely. Filled with snow queens, King Winter and his throne, where the solstice and ice crystals battle to capture the interest of the eye.

We hope to be able to show the exhibition when Denmark opens up again.

Next exhibition in May

You can look forward to our next exhibition already in May. It is titled "The Whales of the World", and we look forward to telling you much more about it...