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DK-7680 Thyborøn

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E-mail: info@jyllandsakvariet.dk
Phone: +45 9783 2808

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Find an employee

Michael Madsen, owner, e-mail: michael@jyllandsakvariet.dk

Channie Düring, creative workshop, reception, and purchasing,
email: channie@jyllandsakvariet.dk

Rikke Hartvig, Marketing, web & online booking, email: rikke@jyllandsakvariet.dk

Karina Lund Kristensen, Finance & auditing: karina@jyllandsakvariet.dk

Thorbjørn Strunk, HR-employee and guide: ts@jyllandsakvariet.dk

Annika Østergaard, Project leader Iskunsten, email: annika@jyllandsakvariet.dk

Pernille Overgaard, Distribution and book keeping, email: pernille@jyllandsakvariet.dk

Bookkeeping, email: bogholderi@jyllandsakvariet.dk

Christian Ransborg, Biologist and guide
Melina Nikolajsen, Guide
Peter Østergaard, Guide

Our nature guides

We have a fantastic and committed team of full-time nature guides, who you can meet when you come along on a tour all year around, and skilled, local boat-captains and freelance guides, who you might, with luck, meet during our peak seasons, when you join our guided tours

Seaside Safari

Seaside Safari is our sister company, who provide tours along the Danish West Coast.

you can contact Seaside Safari by:

E-mail: info@seasidesafari.dk
Phone.: +45 2789 5808

You can find Seaside Safari in these places among others:

  • Hvide Sande
  • Vedersø Klit & Husby Klitplantage
  • Ringkøbing
  • Klosterheden
  • Thorsminde
  • Lemvig
  • Agger
  • Thy National Park
  • The Limfjord

...and more locations are to be added!


You can contact Iskunsten

General inquiries:

E-mail: info@iskunsten.dk
Phone.: +45 9783 2808

And the following people if your inquiry is of a more specific character:

Michael Madsen, owner - email: michael@jyllandsakvariet.dk

Annika Østergaard, project leader - email: annika@jyllandsakvariet.dk

Rikke Hartvig, marketing - email: rikke@jyllandsakvariet.dk

Anne Marie Nielsen, ice artist & reception