Welcome to Iskunsten,
the only year-round exhibition of ice sculptures in Denmark

Experience a unique exhibition of fantastic ice sculptures brought to life in the play created between the crystal clear ice and light.

Ice is alive. Ice moves. Ice changes.

Iskunsten is a permanent place of exhibition - some would call it a museum - however the art in here is anything but permanent. Even though we perceive ice as being in a solid, frozen state, it is actually not the case. Ice is alive. The ice is constantly working and evolving. The same sculpture can have a completely different look after a month.

"Do you want to be remembered as an artist, don't make ice art"

This was said by one of the artist on a working visit at iskunsten. An ice sculpture in Iskunsten has a life span of between four to six months, depending on size and shape. Therefor we attempt to change our exhibitions and sculptures every four months. You can keep updated on future exhibitions on this page.

Find Iskunsten at Jernbanegade 1A in Thyborøn.

Opening hours

Opening hours in Iskunsten

The Christmas exhibition "A Christmas universe" can be experienced:
November 18th 2023 - January 14th 2024
Open all days of the week from 11 AM to 5 PM

The spring exhibition "Atlantis - The lost city" can be experienced:
January 27th 2024 - May 26th 2024
Open all days of the week from 11 AM to 5 PM

The summer exhibition "Thyborøn" can be experienced:
June 8th 2024 - September 15th 2024
Open all days of the week from 11 AM to 5 PM

The fall exhibition "Nordic Nature" can be experienced:
September 28th 2024 - November 17th 2024
Open all days of the week from 11 AM to 5 PM

The Christmas exhibition "Christmas in the North" can be experienced:
November 23rd 2024 - January 19th 2025
Open all days of the week from 11 AM to 5 PM - with a few exceptions to be announced at a later time

During the inbetween periods we are closed, while we prepare for a new exhibition.

Entrance prices

Entrance prices for Iskunsten

Children 0-2 yr. Free
Children 3-12 yr. DKK 69,-
Adults DKK 79,-

Combi ticket for Iskunsten & Jyllandsakvariet

Children 0-2 yr. Free
Children 3-12 yr. DKK 139,-
Adults DKK 169,-
Seniors (>65 years): DKK 159,-

Season ticket for Iskunsten (valid one year)

Children 3-12 yr. DKK 129,-
Adults DKK 149,-

The only year-round exhibition in Denmark

Ice art for everyone

As the only one of its kind, iskunsten in Thyborøn is open all year round. Unlike other exhibitions with ice sculptures, Iskunsten is not dependent on the right weather conditions.

From industry to artistry

In a old cold storage facility you can experience a unique exhibition of amazing ice sculptures. Iskunsten is permanent, but the sculptures and exhibition themes are changed continuously to ensure that there is always something to experience in Iskunsten.

Find us here

You will find Iskunsten here:

Jernbanegade 1A, 7680 Thyborøn

You will find the nearest parking at

  • Jernbanegade - 100 meter
  • Havnegade - 100 meter
  • Bredgade - 200 meter
  • Vesterhavsgade / Kystcentervej (Jyllandsakvariet) - 400 meter

Enjoy your packed lunch

Enjoy your coffee or lunch here

You are very welcome to enjoy your brought food in our cozy areas with tables and chairs. You will find the tables in the "warm room" where our historical exhibition is.

We do not have a café on sight and do not sell food at Iskunsten.

Please note, that even our "warm room" gets cold during winter.

Keep warm

Keep warm - and keep our sculptures safe

By the entrance you will, during summer, get a blanket to wrap around you. It is not only meant for to keep warm, but also so that you don't give your excess heat to the sculptures, which can effect their surface.

In the winter months your own outerwear is often enough, but you are of course always welcome to borrow a blanket to help keep warm.

The temperature

The temperature in the exhibition room is often between -5 and -15 degrees celcius.

The history of the cold-storage

Discover Thyborøn's maritime history

In the old freezer house we also tell the story of how fishing in Thyborøn developed over time from being a livelihood for the individual fisher's family to the industry, that it is today. The freezer house and the town's ice supplier were a large part of that development.

This maritime, authentic industrial building sets the framework for the exhibition. Experience the history of the building, the ice industry and the connection to fishing in an exciting narrative created by images and video.

Thanks to the Local History Archive

A big 'thank you' must go to the Local History Archive, which has been an indispensable help in the work of finding images and documents that can tell the story of the place.

Dogs are welcome

Dogs kept on leash are very welcome in Iskunsten.

We expect the dog to behave respectfully towards both the ice sculptures and other guests.

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Share your experiences with us

Take our profile or use #iskunsten so we can see your photos and read about your experience. We do NOT share your photos without first agreeing with you, but we would really like to see what you think about the place and the exhibitions.