Starts at: 11:00
69 Dkr
49 Dkr
0 Dkr
1 hour
Departure: Vesterhavsgade 16 , Thyborøn

Tour de Thyborøn

Get a guided tour of one of Denmark's busiest fishing ports

Join us on an exciting tour on the busy dock and through the town. The tour takes place by tractor bus.

Thyborøn is relatively young town with a history dating back about 120 years. The port and the fishing industry is Thyborøn's largest place of work. Here equipment for the industry is produced, large repairs are conducted at Denmark's third largest floating dock and tons of fresh fish are caught and sold every day.

Practical information

Duration: Approx. 45 min
Meeting point: Jyllandsakvariet, Vesterhavsgade 16, 7680 Thyborøn
Price: DKK 69/adult, DKK 49/child