Grab the crab before it grabs you! Do you dare pat a shark on its head, stroke a ray down its spine, or hold a crab in your hand? In the touch pools in our aquarium you can try all three. You can also join us on an amber safari, a guided tour of the harbour, or a seal safari by boat or tractor bus.

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Boat under construction for JyllandsAkvariet

Boat number two is on the way

Last year we had a great success with our new boat with glass windows in the bottom. We are following up on that by ordering another boat of the same type to be delivered June 1st. This means that we

The Petersen family was guest number one million

Guest Number One Million

JyllandsAkvariet has passed a milestone when we were able to welcome guest number one million to the aquarium in Thyborøn. Of course, it was celebrated properly when the Petersen family from


Guest number 1,000,000

We are very close :-). During the days between Christmas and New Year we'll be passing a fantastic milestone when we bid guest number 1,000,000 welcome to visit JyllandsAkvariet. This calls for a

TurismeVÆKSTprisen 2016 - vinder Jyllands Akvariet i Thyborøn - Tourism Growth Prize, winnder JyllandsAkvariet

Thank you very much!

We have received so much in connection with our nomination to and winning of the Tourism Growth Prize 2016. Thank you very much for flowers, greetings, phone calls, emails, text messages etc. from

JyllandsAkvariet won the main prize, The Tourism growth Prize 2016 from Region MidJutland.

We won!

We are super proud to announce that we won the Tourism Growth Prize from Region MidJutland. This year we won the main prize which is accompanied by a bronze sculpture and 75,000 Dkr to invest in