An amber house of experiences for the entire family

For thousands of years, we humans have been fascinated by amber, found ways to use it, and researched the peculiar material. Go on a treasure hunt in a house full of amber and fun facts about amber. You never leave here without amber in hand.

Amber beach

There is always a guarantee for amber at our indoor beach, where the whole family, regardless of age, can join in.

Do as the amber hunters

The "professional" amber hunters do not just hunt for the golden pieces on land with a flashlight and a sharp eye. Wearing waders and equipped with special nets, they hunt out in the insidious waves of the North Sea. In our wave pool you can try fo "fish" for amber with mini nets in safe surroundings.

Can you guess the weight?

Weight is a good way to identify amber. It is an incredibly light material.

Everyone in the family can win amber in our fun guessing contests.

The origin and history of amber

What is amber?

Get the whole story about the origin and history of amber. Where does the Danish amber come from and is it even Danish? You are guaranteed to leave RAV with new, exciting knowledge about amber.

The past caught in amber

Can we find DNA from a dinosaur in amber? Find the answer in the story of amber

Why does amber light up?

In the "UV-bunker" you can go on a different amber hunt with a UV-light. The ultra violet rays light up the amber as if it were stars on a clear night sky.

The amber workshop

Make your own amber souvenir to commemorate your visit. Do you want to make a beautiful amber jewelry, an amber tree of luck, or something completely different and imaginative? You can do so at the amber workshop every day of the week.

Amber shop

End your visit with a stop in the amber shop, where you, among other things, can buy all kinds of products made of or with amber.