Practical information - opening hours, prices etc.

Opening hours

Opening hours

02.01 - 31.05: Every day 10.00-16.00

01.06 - 30.06: Every day 10.00-17.00

01.07 - 31.08: Every day10.00-18.00

01.09 - 30.11: Every day 10.00-16.00

01.12 - 12.12: Only open by appointment

13.12 - 23.12: Every day 10.00-16.00

24.12 - 25.12: Sharks, fish, and staff are on their Christmas break

26.12 - 30.12: Every day 10.00-16.00

31.12 - 01.01: Sharks, fish, and staff are celebrating the New Year

There can be extended opening hours in connection to Easter, autumn break and other holiday periods. Today's opening hours is on our front page.


Entry fee for the aquarium

Children 0-2 yr. Free
Children 3-12 yr. kr. 89,-
Adults kr. 99,-
Seniors (> 65 yr.) kr. 89,-

Combi tickets for safari tours and JyllandsAkvariet

If you buy one af the tickets for JyllandsAkvariet’s safari tours at the same time as buying a ticket for the aquarium, there’s a 10% discount per ticket per person.

Combi ticket for JyllandsAkvariet and Kystcentret

Children 0-2 yr. Free
Children 3-12 yr. kr. 179,-
Adults kr. 209,-
Seniors (> 65 yr.) kr. 189,-

The ticket/armband is valid for seven days. Once you have paid the entrance fee, you can come again and again as much as you like for a whole week as long as you keep the armband on.

The armband is water resistant so you can tell your children that they can still take a bath.

Season ticket for the aquarium

Children 0-2 yr.
Children 3-12 yr. kr. 149,-
Adults kr. 189,-
Seniors (> 65 yr.) kr. 149,-

Season cards are valid for one year from date of purchase.

Discounts are available for larger groups.

We have special prices for schools and institutions – call for additional details!

Small children

There is always room and experiences for the youngest family members at JyllandsAkvariet.

Bring the youngest family members. We have baby changing facilities, high chairs, and aquariums in the right height for children.

If you have a family member who wants to say goodbye to the dummy/pacifier, it can be done in one of our touch pools with crabs. The crabs welcome the pacifiers, and the child gets a well-deserved diploma. We also exchange the child’s admission armband to a season’s ticket – at no extra cost.


A special agility course

Dogs are always wellcome at the aquarium, and we've made a special playground for them when they visit us. It is our own unique version of an agility course with eight different obstacles.


If you're going on one of our seal safaris or nature safaris, you're welcome to have your dog looked after at our dog-lounge. It's necessary, though, that the dog is used to being alone, and that you pick it up immediately after the tour is finished.

Please remember to book in advance - call the aquarium at +45 9783 2808.


The shop in JyllandsAkvariet have funny and interesting souvenirs for any taste and wallet. There is a selection of maritime souvenirs, kites, genuine amber jewellery, as well as a selection of books. etc.

It is also possible to buy different beverages – as well as ice cream.

Information about the area

We are always willing to help with general information about the area. If we can’t answer your questions, we have a large network of people who are willing to help.

Parking and accessibility

Parking is right next to the aquarium and it is free. The whole attraction is ready for people in wheel chairs.


We do not have a café at the aquarium, but you are most welcome to bring your own food and eat on the premises.

We sell soda, beer, ice cream, and sweets – and a large selection of coffee drinks and tea.

Enjoy lunch in town

With an entrance bracelet, you can go in and out of the aquarium as you wish. This makes it easy for you to go and enjoy lunch at one of the town's many cafés and restaurants to then return to the aquarium after.

Give a gift card

Would you like to gift someone special one of our natural experiences? Contact us and hear what we offer.

Further information

If you have questions that you are not able to find answers to here, you are of course always welcome to contact JyllandsAkvariet, either by telephone +45 9783 2808 or via email:

Summer houses & Camp sites


An attraction such as JyllandsAkvariet is dependant on the ability of the entire region to attract guests, both at home and abroad, which explains why our relations to summerhouse letters & camping sites are especially important.

If you would like to spend the night in the local area, the links presented here are a good place to start!



Thyborøn Camping

DCU Camping Vesterhav

Lemvig Beach Camping

Holiday Houses

SJ Feriehusudlejning

Feriepartner – Hvide Sande

DanWest Feriehuse ved vestkysten

Feline Sommerhuse – Vejlby Klit

Klitferie – Holiday houses by the North Sea

WESTERLAND – Holiday houses on the west coast


Dancenter Vesterhavet – in Danish

Danland Lemvig – in Danish

Danland Agger Havn – in Danish

Cofman A/S


Hotel Nørre Vinkel

Struer Grandhotel

Tambohus Kro

Harboøre Hotel

Tourist Agencies & Local attractions

JyllandsAkvariet has an excellent collaboration with the regional tourist agencies as well as with other local attractions, and we consider them to be valuable partners in the development of the tourist potential of North West Jutland.


Tourist agencies

Lemvig & Thyborøn Tourist Agency

Ringkøbing Fjord Tourism

Thy Tourist Agency

Visit Skive

Local netguides


Local Attractions

Fishingtrips w. M/S Emma-Line

Sea Shell House

Bovbjerg Fyr – lige til kanten – Bovbjerg Lighthouse

Museet for religiøs kunst – The Museum of Religious Art

Naturrum Thyborøn – Nature Room Thyborøn

Lemvig Museum

Sea War Museum


Westjyllands Attraktioner

Other partners

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