Starts at: 19:00
195 Dkr
195 Dkr
195 Dkr
2 h
Departure Vedersø Redningshus

Amber safari in the dark

Hunting for the North Seas golden amber with a UV-light after dark

Amber hunting in the dark

Do you know the feeling of coming back from the beach with your pockets full of yellow stones?

If you know the feeling of having unsuccessfully been amber hunting, then come along on our guided amber tour, where we will teach you to find and recognize the amber with a special UV-light. In the dark, with the UV-light it is a completely different experience to search for the amber.

The guide will give you an introduction to the amber and then take you to the beach , where we, under the right circumstances, will show you how to use the light and recognize the amber.

Meeting point

This tour takes place in both Thyborøn, Vedersø Klit and Hvide Sande. Take a note of the meeting point when you book!

Tuesdays in Vedersø Klit
Meeting point: The old rescue station, Vedersø Klitvej 59, 6990 Ulfborg

Wednesdays in Thyborøn
Meeting point: Jyllandsakvariet, Vesterhavsgade 16, 7680 Thyborøn

Thursdays in Hvide Sande
Meeting point: Lystfiskerhuset, Nordhavnskaj 41, 6960 Hvide Sande (Note! The meeting point is located about 1 kilometer from the beach. It is a good idea to take the trip by car, but it is no problem either, if you are on foot)

Practical information

Equipment: We have the necessary equipment for all participants to borrow during the tour
Approx. 1,5-2 hours
Price: DKK 195 per person
Clothing: According to the weather conditions
Dogs: Dogs on a leash can be brought along

After the tour it is possible to buy UV-light, amber testers and other equipment. We offer a discount on the equipment for all participants from this tour.