Starts at: 13:00
219 Dkr
189 Dkr
189 Dkr
1 hour
Departure Thyborøn, Lystbådehavnen

Seal safari

by boat in Limfjorden

Seal safari by boat in the Limfjord

Join us on a seal safari by boat and experience the unique nature by the mouth of the Limfjord. Our experienced guide sails through the labyrinth of channels between the sand banks and takes you close to the seals. On the trip we often see two species of seals, and there are good chances to see Denmark’s largest carnivore – the large grey seal. The male can weigh up to 300 kg. He rules out here and he’s afraid of nothing, not even the visitors in the boats. Seals are curious and often swim around the boat to see, who has come to visit. The guide talks about the seals and the rich animal life in the Limfjord. On the way back the guide might also tell about the tough life of the fishermen by the North Sea.

In 2021 you can also get lucky and experience dolphins in the fjord. Much points to, that a pod of 7 bottlenose dolphins have found a new home in the Canal of Thyborøn, where access to food is easy to come by. If we know, that it is likely to spot the dolphins, we will of course plan the tour accordingly.

Success rate for seeing seals

Year 2021 to date: 100%
Year 2020: 100%
Year 2019: 100%
Year 2018: 100%

Practical information

Duration: About an hour.
Clothes: Passengers must wear water and wind proof clothes. Remember it is cooler and more windy on the water than it is on land.
The boat: The boat is an open speed boat, which provides the passengers the best view of the water during the safari.
Meeting point: Havnegade 5C, 7680 Thyborøn – by the little red cabin 15 minutes before departure.
Important: Please be by the boat 15 minutes before departure
Dogs: It is not possible to bring dogs along on this tour. You can book room for your dog in our dog lounge. Please reserve room in advance.
Price: 219 DKK per adult, 189 DKK per child under the age of 13 years.
Kombiticket: You get a 10% discount on a ticket to JyllandsAkvariet (the aquarium) when you buy a ticket for a tour.
Children: We have life jackets for children from 2 years and up, but are not able to have passengers younger than 2 years aboard.
Weather: In case of too strong winds a trip can be cancelled. If you’ve booked, you will receive notice; either by text message, email, or phone. We update the tour calendar daily and make extra trips often.

What does others say about this experience?

5 out of 5 stars

July 2020
By Kasper F:

Great nature experience for both little and large!

Seal safari by Jyllandsakvariet is definitely recommendable! There is guarantee for a great experience. Both the family’s child of 4 and 7 years and the adults were thrilled by the meeting of both spotted harbor seal and gray seal up close (20-50 metres distance). The little seal pups swam up to the boat. On the way back we sailed under the 180 meter tall offshore wind turbines.

If it is windy it is a good idea to wear rainwear, because you risk a bit of water splashing.
We give our absolute recommendation to Jyllandsakvariet’s seal safari.