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45 min
Departure Iskunsten

Free workshop: Become an ice sculptor for a day

at Iskunsten

Test your skills for ice art

Join us when ice sculptor, Søren Cip, visits Iskunsten.

At the event you have the rare opportunity to test your artistic skills and to transform a raw block of ice into your very own ice sculpture.

Before the ice block is put on the table, you will be equipped with a pair of gloves and a chisel. Now it is up to you to create your own masterpiece with inspiration and guidance from the ice sculptor. There is time to immerse yourself in the astonishing, enchanting and almost magical ice, where only the imagination is a limitation.

Practical information

Who can participate: Everyone from 7 years or older. Children u/10 years should be accompanied by adults. This is because of the usage of tools
Location: On the parking lot in front of Iskunsten, Jernbanegade 1A, Thyborøn. This event is outdoors
Price: Free (booking is necessary do to corona-restrictions)
Entrance to Iskunsten: An entrance ticket for Iskunsten is not a requirement, but it can be purchased at the reception, if you wish to see the exhibition to be inspired beforehand
Limited number of tickets: We have space for up to 20 people at every time slot
Duration: Approx. 45 min
The sculpture: You are allowed to bring your sculpture home or have it exhibited at Iskunsten

Photo by Lars Mørch