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30 min
Departure JyllandsAkvariet, Thyborøn

Feeding the fish

lend a hand

Lend a hand when we feed the sharks!

You have the opportunity to join in when we feed the fish in our touch pools. Our fishmaster finds the feed which is going to be used, and you can help giving it to sharks, rays and flatfish in selected aquariums.

You can lend a hand feeding our fish every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday all year round.

What you should know about feedings

Corona: Due to the special circumstances that the spreading of the Covid-19 virus har caused, we have - during our busiest periods - expanded the time slot in which our feedings take place. It is important to note, that as a participant you will not get more feed or have a greater probability of participating in the feeding by being the first in line. We make sure to have enough feed for the entire time slot.
Delivery of feed: You will get one cup of feed from our fishkeeper. You can give this to fish and sharks in certain pools. There is one cup per person