Starts at: 14:00
99 Dkr
89 Dkr
0 Dkr
1 h 30 min
Departure P-plads v/Hegndalsvej

Beaver Safari

Go exploring in the tracks of the beaver

Go exploring in the tracks of the beaver

The guide will take you through the beaver’s domain and give tips on when and how to have the best luck actually seeing the beavers in action.

With the guide you will visit the lakes and streams, that the beavers have claimed as their territory. Here the trees have very distinct marks from the beavers, who make dams and huts from the trees.

The forest, Klosterheden, is home of Denmark’s largest population of the fascinating, thriving beavers. The beaver is mostly active during the night and accordingly it is rare to meet them during daytime. The forest, however, is full of marks made by them.

Practical information

Meeting point: Parking place by Hegndalsvej - Vilhelmsborgvej 176, 7620 Lemvig
Duration: Approx. 1,5-2 hours
Length: The hike through the forest is approx. 4-5 kilometer
Price: DKK 99 per adult, DKK 89 per child
Clothes: Dress according to the weather. We also recommend footwear suited for a hike in the forest
Dogs: Dogs on a leash can be brought along on this tour