75 Dkr
75 Dkr
0 Dkr
45 min
Departure Iskunsten

Workshop - Make your own jellyfish in ice

Decorate your own ice-jellyfish

Have you been inspired by our exhibition of ice sculptures? Now you can create art from the ice yourself. Our house-artist, Anne Marie, has shared with us her tips and tricks for creating fantastic jellyfish in ice - she melts the animal's characteristic patterns into the ice using salt and then adds colour.

The salt and colour works its way through the ice, creating a beautiful and colourful sculpture. This workshop is a wonderful activity, which all children and creative souls will enjoy.

Practical info

Place: Iskunsten, Jernbanegade 1A, Thybor√łn
Price: DKK 75,- per person, which includes all materiales
Entrance ticket: The price only includes the workshop itself. Entrance tickets to the exhibition is not a must, but can be purchased on the premise if you wish to experience the exhibition as well
Limited number: We have room for only 10 participants at a time
Duration: Approx. 45 minutes
Temperature: Our workshop facilities are not below freezing temperatures, but it can be a bit chili in there. We recommend you wear a sweater or jacket.
The sculpture: You can bring the jellyfish home with you (nb! we can wrap it in plastic) or you can leave it for other guests to enjoy as part of the exhibition