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30 min
Departure JyllandsAkvariet, Thyborøn

Let's nerd about dolphins

Lecture about whales and the dolphins from Thyborøn

How did a whale actually become a whale?
And how does a "wolf with claws" fit into the picture of evolution?

You will get answers to that and much more when one of our own sea geeks talks about whales and gets nerdy about dolphins.

You have read the word 'lecture' in the title and perhaps think that it may sound a bit dry, but we promise that it will be anything but dry when the sea geek nerds out about evolution, shows video and photos and talks about Thyborøn's very own dolphins.

"Thyborøn has its own dolphins?" you ask...

YES! In the channel of Thyborøn, a group of dolphins has been staying for over three years now! The pod has varied in size, and a few other individuals have visited over the years, but the core of the pod seems to have moved in permanently.

The sea geek's lecture about dolphins is suitable for everyone - including children and families with children.
There is a limited number of seats, so we recommend reserving tickets immediately.

Practical information

Location: Jyllandsakvariet, Vesterhavsgade 16, 7680 Thyborøn - in the pavilion
Price: The lecture is FREE, but it requires entrance ticket to the aquarium to gain access
Language: The lecture is in Danish and English, depending on the guests present
Duration: Approx. 30 min