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289 Dkr
249 Dkr
1,5 t
Departure Agger Tange færgeleje

Dolphin safari from Agger

On a boat safari in the Limfjord

In the canal of Thyborøn-Agger, where shoals of herring and other fish are a good food source for them, the chances of seeing dolphins with your own eyes are higher than ever.

Join us on a boat safari and experience the unique nature by the mouth of the Limfjord. Our experienced guide sails into Thyborøn-Agger Canal, where the North Sea meets the Limfjord. The canal is the accessway into the fjord, which many fish seek - and the dolphins follow. Dolphins are identifiable on their fins. The identified animals here are Chewbacca, Tall Fin and a calf, which in May of 2021 was named Leia.

The dolphins are just some of the animals living in this part of the Limfjord. A large colony of seals and a rich bird life is also part of daily life on the western sand banks. Come along and experience one-of-a-kind nature and wildlife.

The behaviour of dolphins

Through the last couple of years we have gotten to know the dolphins' behaviour better – and they have gotten to know our safari boats. And even though you should never set your watch based on the habits of dolphins, we do see a pattern in when they show up in the canal. Some days we are lucky, that they are nearby from morning until evening. Other days we only see them sporadically. Once in awhile it happens, that we don’t see them at all. Statistically we see dolphins on 90% of the tours, which is a pretty amazing thing to be able to say in Denmark.

The probability to see dolphins in Thyborøn-Agger Canal is most often best late in day or early in the morning. That is why we have decided to offer the tours, when we do, because we want to increase your chances of experiencing the dolphins. If you want a lovely boat trip during the day, we recommend a seal safari. With as large of a colony of seals as we have in the area, the likelihood of seeing seals is the same all throughout the day. Through ore than five years we have seen seals on 100% of our seal safaris.

We do not give a guarantee of dolphins on this tour. The animals are wild and decide themselves when and where they want to be. We do however guarantee a lovely tour filled with lots of stories about the animals and the area in general. Animal welfare and everyone's safety - both the animals and our own - is the number one priority.

Practical info

Meeting point: Agger Tange by the ferry way, Aggervej 38, 7770 Vestervig
Duration: 1,5 hour. Meeting time by the boat about 10 min before departure
Price: DKK 319 per adult, DKK 289 per child age 3-12 years, DKK 249 per child age 0-2 years
Small children: We have life jackets available for children of 2 years, but can not sail with children younger than that with previous arrangement. Please contact us
Dogs: Dogs can not be brought along on this tour
Clothing: Passengers should wear wind- and waterproof clothing. Remember it is always colder out on the water
The boat: The boat is an open speedboat, which provides the best view for passengers

Please note that

When the weather is an issue: In case of too strong wind a trip can be cancelled. You can stay update about cancellations on our website. If you’ve booked a tour, you will receive notice either by phone call, text message or email in case we have to cancel. It is important that you leave us the correct contact information.
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