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Departure Dokken 13, 7680 Thyborøn

Hear the nature guide talk about the various exciting crab species

- and enjoy a delicious crab lunch

In our aquarium you can experience several species of crabs. Among others, some of the more rare species, the large brown crabs, and of course the most common, the one you know from a trip to the beach, namely the European green crab - in Denmark known as a beach crab.

The beach crab is Denmark's most common crab with a large population that thrives in Danish waters. It is thus a large food resource that we do not actually use in Denmark. Which is a shame!

How do you eat a beach crab?

Our preferred method of eating beach crabs is to cook the world's most delicious crab bisque (with a West Jutland twist) from them. Both the procedure and the recipe are actually quite easy, and you can experiment with the latter as much as you like.

To make crab bisque at home, it first of all requires freshly caught crabs. If you live by or near the coast, you are privileged with how easily accessible the crabs are. The crabs we are going to cook with today, we have caught in fishing nets in Limfjorden. So it is an authentic Limfjord meal!

The lunch menu consists of:

  • Warm crab bisque (soup) that you have helped make yourself
  • Freshly baked bread
  • 1 beverage per person

practical information

Meeting place: The pavillon by the beach, Dokken 13, 7680 Thyborøn
Duration: approx. 2 hours
Price: Adult DKK 149, child (3-12 years) DKK 99. incl. 1 beverage per person
I_t is not necessary to register children younger than 3 years_