Hier findest du die aktuellsten Neuigkeiten aus dem Jyllandsakvariet

Remember your corona pass

People over the age of 15 are required to show a valid, personal corona pass in order to visit indoor attractions in Denmark. The pass must be shown at the entrance in the reception.

A corona pass is proff of either a completed vaccination, 1. shot of vaccination, or a negative, max. 72 hour old corona test.

A week-long visit

Our entrance tickets are valid for an entire week. This means you can come back for up to 7 days as much as you would like.

It is required for each visit that you have a valid corona pass. It is therefor not enough to show the pass on the first visit. If your pass is a corona test, you need multiple tests during the week, you want to visit us all 7 days.

We recommend you have your documentation ready at the register.

Are you traveling by the Thyborøn-Agger ferry?

Are you coming to Thyborøn from the north side and wish to take the ferry across the Canal? We recommend you have a look at the departure times first at www.thyboronagger.dk.

Not all gps and travel instructions take the ferry time into account. If you are joining one of our tours at a specific time and are traveling here by ferry, we advice that you have look at the departure times beforehand.

During the summer months, especially July and August, you risk having to wait in line to board the ferry. Particularly midday from 11 am to 3 pm, we recommend you calculate extra traveling time.

it is also possible to avoid the ferry and drive around it, but you must add about an hour of extra driving time.

Summer offer

Together with Thyborøn-Agger Ferry we have made a summer campaign offer for everyone, who are traveling here from the Northside by ferry. Ferry ticket, entrance to both Jyllandsakvariet and Iskunsten including shuttle-tractor bus to and from the ferry you will get with a summer discount - read more here.