JyllandsAkvariet (Jutland’s Aquarium) is a private institution, owned by Michael Madsen.

The aquarium does not recieve grants of any kind towards the operational costs.


JyllandsAkvariet (Jutland’s Aquarium) is committed to pass on stories and facts about The West Coast of Jutland, its nature, and culture. We guarantee good service, and it is our goal to have only satisfied visitors.


JyllandsAkvariet (Jutland’s Aquarium) was opened on May 16th, 1996 and had 42,000 visitors the first year. We now have around 45-70,000 visitors each year. We have had a total of over 1,000,000 visitors in the aquarium. The basic idea, innovation, and design of the aquarium is Michael Madsen’s own.