Well box

The whole reception desk is a well box from the island of Jegeindø, just like the big shelf standing up against the wall. They were both used for keeping eels, in live condition, until they could be sold at the auction. Each well box could contain about 2 tonnes. Earlier there were so many well boxes in the harbour at Jegindø that you could walk across the entire harbour on the well boxes.

A well box can also be built for flat fish. In that case there are larger round holes. There are a number of smaller well boxes in the aquarium.

The top of Thyborøn light

The top of the old light (house) at Thyborøn. It stood at the entrance to to the channel between the Harboøre and Agger tongues of land (used to be an isthmus before the channel was dug). With blinking light it showed that you were about to enter the channel and Thyborøn harbour.

Wooden fish crates

In the reception area there are a number of fish crates in different sizes containing some of the souvenirs. Besides there are baskets which are still in use on some of the smaller fishing boats. Baskets made from natural materials are much easier to handle than the newer ones made from stainless steel.