Equipment in the aquarium

Old piers from Thyborøn harbour

In the aquarium much of the wood comes from the old piers in Thyborøn harbour. These have been renovated regularly, and the wood which was still usable have been sawn into shorter lengths to suit our purpose.

Old well boxes

A lot of the wood under the glass section of the aquariums come from old well boxes. Notice that the wood has the same small holes that you can see on the well boxes in the reception. These old well boxes were in too poor a condition to be used unchanged. Therefore, we have taken the planks which were still good and used them for the foundations for the aquariums.

An old fisherman’s shed

In the corner of the aquarium, by the entrance to the room with the eel spears behind the long aquarium there is an old fisherman’s shed which owner Michael Madsen bought in his very young days. It was placed by the fjord between the chemical factory, Cheminova, and the village of Harboøre. At some time all the old sheds had to be removed, and Michael’s could then be placed in the aquarium.