Our equipment has its very own story. Besides the aquariums of glass, we use old wood for everything where its possible. We are very fond of the old wood that has been affected by nature, wind and weather, and like the post in the corners of the well boxes that have been worn round by the ropes used for mooring them. We believe it gives the aquarium a soul of its own and a nice relaxing athmosphere which we would like to provide for our guests.

Michael’s design

It has been part of the aquarium’s design since the start in 1996. Back then Owner Michael Madsen made deals with people all around the harbour in Thyborøn to save any old wood they had or could get their hands on so the aquarium could use old wood everywhere.

From around the Northwestern part of Jutland

The wood has been fetched from all around the Northwestern part of Jutland whenever available, and then we store it until we need it. It is old piers from Thyborøn harbour, ferry berths from Feggesund and Venø, and well boxes from Jegindø. There are old fish crates which were discarded when it was decided that fish crates should be made from plastic for hygienic reasons.


There are baskets (see photo above) which are still in use for handling fish on some of the Danish seine vessels and the smaller boats. They are much easier to handle and not heavy like modern ones made from stainless steel.

This is just some of all the curious things you can find in JyllandsAkvariet. If you see something special that isn’t mentioned on these pages, you are always welcome to ask the staff.

Do you have something interesting we may have/borrow?

If you have something special you will give  us or lend out, you are very welcome to send an email to or phone us at +45 97 83 28 08.