Eelspear collection

Behind the long aquarium by the end wall of the building opposite the touch pools there is a collection of eelspears.

Collected by a German tourist

These eelspears were collected by a German tourist who spent his summer vacations in Denmark for many years, even many years before JyllandsAkvariet was opened. He found them, among other places, in recycling centres all around West Jutland where he also made deals with the staff that they would take them aside for him if any were handed in. He had them hanging on the wall in his living room – possibly not to his wife’s undivided enthusiasm.

Borrow the collection

In 2002 he told his landlady while holidaying here in Thyborøn that he wanted to dispose of his collection. She made contact for him to JyllandsAkvariet, and he decided to lend the collection to us. He has later passed away, and now it is his children who are lending us the collection.

Not two the same

Notice, not two of the eelspears are the same. Every single village blacksmith had his own design of eelspears, and it was, among other things, this that the German collector found so interesting.