Cuckos lipfish in JyllandsAkvariet

Experiences in the aquarium

In The Jutland Aquarium (JyllandsAkvariet) you can experience a variety of different fish and shell fish. Almost all of them live in The North Sea or in The Limfjord (the body of water cutting all the way through the Northern part of Jutland from Thyborøn on the west coast to Hals on the east).

Giant sperm whale model

You can experience a 15 metre long model of a sperm whale in JyllandsAkvariet. The giant model is incredibly lifelike, and you can see it up close.

Shop, creative beach work shop

We also have built a new entrance area with reception and shop as well as a new and larger creative work shop in 2012.

Find your own amber

You have, as always, the opportunity to find your own amber at our indoor beach, crawl on board our own fishing cutter (don’t worry – it is on land so you won’t get sea sick) and see our own collection of amber.

Have a look around on these pages and see if you develop a taste for the fish in JyllandsAkvariet.